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"Metamorphosis of the Mind"


Memories... Goodbye memories... A painful past is not that easy to forget. But the pains of a past are sometimes the reasons which people are forced to forget the wonderful aspects of their past. Irony is a beloved word that Satan plays as his instrument of pain... If you believe in that sort of thing. After the life I have lived this far, I certainly do... In this life, to live for some becomes a choice. A choice that someone, or something has to motivate the person to choose. When this happens... When they happen... As she happened to he... Life may begin, again!

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In the Works by
Robert Knecht Gee

"Death of a Comedian"


Robert Knecht Gee explores life and the teetering pendulum of sanity. 300 individual pieces: What is funny is the radical retreat into solitude as a self-defense against the contempt for men that have become pathologically clairvoyant. A determined self-humiliation will not allow one to escape who they have allowed themselves to become. Merely enable them to fester the more.



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"What Lies Ahead..."


Visual compositions of an assortment of Robert Knecht Gee's first three works. 







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"Wretched Wicked Witticism"


Deeply afflicted, dejected, or distressed in body or mind and morally very bad, evil; yet a cleverly witty and often biting or ironic remark. Lingering in life, we sit staring into our own soul having to face what we see… Are we who we have aspired to become? 


In the end do our judgments hold us together on the dependency for the feelings to occur? Too succinct and simplified I assure you! Wretched Wicked Witticism!



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"Questionable Questions?"


For a decade I lost myself.  When I emerged, I wasn't sure exactly who I had found.  My confusion is responsible for much of my inspiration.  With all I write I fight the temptations of being lost in what I have become.  I struggle with who I am and who I have been every day of my life.  As I think of what I was, I become so very thankful for whom I have been able to become.  I am still haunted by the vague, yet vivid memories of my past.  I have so many questionable questions…



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"The Snake, The Serpent, and The Voyage Ahead..."

Robert Knecht Gee’s first collection.


The perpetual struggle that occurs within the shaded and blurred area where delusion and despair meet is responsible for all reality. A balance exists between these elements and, in its motion, life is represented in the purest way.



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Thoughts are what have held me together. Love has allowed me to interpret and decipher these thoughts. Thoughts can play with a man’s soul. Thoughts can define a man. Thoughts can kill a man. Thoughts can be taken for granted. For a while I had no thoughts. Darkness was my life.





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In life, many times we feel like wanderers above a sea of fog… Hopes and dreams are what make reality bearable for most. I have learned to use my never-ending supply of aspirations as my compass. But, in my mind, things will forever remain the same. I will be forever lost. The wanderer above the sea of fog.



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